High School Development

High School Developmental Teams U13 and up (spring of 2019).

  • Designed to prepare players for High school level of play with a focus that is more about the tactical part of the game and committing to training outside the club.
  • 2 training sessions a week, individual sessions once a week. A goal of 5000 touches on the soccer ball each week per player is required. Training sessions and individual at home sessions will be needed to accomplish this.
  • Teams will be coached by Licensed Coaches.
  • Teams in the fall of 2019 will be formed based on Tryouts. For spring 2019 teams will be filled by players that register and or participated in the previous season’s program.
  • Player development will be more focused on the tactical game development, individual development outside the club and individual commitment.
  • Teams will play in either a competitive league or tournaments in the spring and fall of 2019. This will be determined by the club.
  • Players will be required to participate in W.I.N. Training camps that will be held in Kansas City and Omaha this year.
  • Players will be required to train on their own. (Individual camps, private coaching sessions, training sessions through soccer apps). This program is to help them progress to the next level of play. Individual Soccer Journals will be kept and evaluated.
  • Winter Soccer will be required. Futsal or indoor soccer will be a requirement in the winter of 2020.
  • Players will be required to attend training sessions and be active in those sessions. Typical training sessions will last an hour and half, two to three times a week.
  • This program will focus on speed of play, conditioning, speed and agility, and significant technical training.  Each player will be motivated to push beyond their comfort zone and will have fun doing it. This program designed to progressively build fitness and soccer skills in preparation for each individual high school season and/or try-outs.
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