Concussions are a serious health concern in youth sports. SSAP/SSC Youth Soccer is committed to the safety of our players and to educate our players, parents, coaches, referees and administrators in the dangers of concussion-related injuries.

SSAP/SSC Youth Soccer will continue to provide our entire Membership with tools and resources to educate them on the extreme dangers of concussions, on how we can prepare for and protect against concussions, to understand what causes concussions, how to recognize symptoms of a concussive injury and to detail how important proper medical assessment is in determining when a player can safely return to the game.

All adults, not just coaches, must now take the free CDC Concussion Training Course as it can only help to best serve the children of Nebraska.  By taking this free, online course and using what you learn, you will be well positioned to improve the culture of concussion.  Your actions can help create a safe environment for young athletes so that they can stay healthy, active, and thrive – both on and off the playing field


The policy  on concussions is intended to be clear and unambiguous so as to accurately reflect the seriousness of concussion-related injuries and our unwavering commitment to keeping our children safe.

It is our expectation that this policy will clarify protective measures for all involved in youth soccer in Nebraska and simplify communication between coaches and parents when concussion related issues arise. 


Please visit the US Soccer Recognize to Recover page for further details on US Soccer’s comprehensive player health and safety program aimed at promoting safe play and reducing injuries in soccer players of all ages.



US Soccer Recognize to Recover webpage

US Soccer Concussion Initiative Guidelines