Spring 2018 Registration open Dec 1.  7U and above closes Feb. 17

6U In House Micros closes March 10.

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Link to update your account or add pictures after registration:

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Registration notes...please read before registering:


Our 12U and under teams play in either the Sarpy County League or ENSA.  All 13U and above will play in ENSA.  Any 11U team or older that has won the top division in ENSA may move to the Nebraska League if they meet the requirements of that league.

Micros - In House- 6U:

Practice session and game held once a week at the Springfield Complex.  Uniforms not required, but socks and shin guards are.


Practices are set up by each individual team and are usually held at the Springfield Complex.  


Players will be assigned by year of birth according to Nebraska State Soccer age group matrix. Most age groups will be comprised of 2 school grade levels.  In situations where an age group does not have enough players to form a team they may be combined with another.

A photo will be required to be uploaded at registration. This is for the U7 and above electronic player passes. It should be a head and shoulders shot similar to a school picture. If it does not meet the requirement for the pass you will be asked to submit another one.  If you submitted a photo in the fall you that one is still valid.

A copy of a birth certificate or passport is required for all new players before the registration can be completed and players put on a roster. During the registration process you can upload that document or you can email or text it to me using the contact info at the bottom of this page. You can register online without it, but I can't access the player to assign them until that document is verified. Please try to get that to me as quickly as possible.

Proof of age documents note: Parents may black-out all information except for legal first and last name, birth date, and gender. Documents are deleted or destroyed after information is verified.

 Scholarships are available for those in need.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information about any financial aid


Uniforms are required for 7U and above.  They may be ordered through the online registration system.  


Emails or phone calls to verify registration or ask questions are welcome.

Links for the medical release form and kidsafe disclosure are on the message board.

Spring 2018 fees

Registration Fees

U6             $15 U4 born in 2014, U5 born in 2013, U6 born in 2012

U7-U8       $80 U7 born in 2011, U8 born in 2010

U9-U10     $80 U9 born in 2009, U10 born in 2008

U11-U12   $80 U11 born in 2007, U12 born in 2006

U13-U14   $80 U13 born in 2005, U14 born in 2004

U15-U19   $80 U15 born in 2003, U16 born in 2002, U17 born in 2001 etc

Any player that registers and then later attends a tryout and accepts a position on a select team may request a full refund and transfer. No other refunds are given except in the case of injury or relocation out of the area.  

Nebraska Law LB260 the Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act

states this nonprofit organization shall:

(a) Make available training approved by the chief medical officer on how to recognize the symptoms of a concussion or brain injury and how to seek proper medical treatment for a concussion or brain injury to all coaches; and

(b) Provide information on concussions and brain injuries to all coaches and athletes and to a parent or guardian of each athlete.

This information can be found at this link :CONCUSSION HOME PAGE.

all inquiries to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.