Our Club

We are a non-profit local soccer club based in Springfield, NE serving the greater South Sarpy County area for both boys and girls youth soccer. We start with kids as young as pre-k in our Little Legends division and have players through high school in our competitive and alliance level teams.

Club Mission Statement

The purpose of Springfield Soccer Club is to provide an opportunity for players to learn, play and coach the game of soccer, at any level of competition, in a safe, fun and value-oriented environment, encouraging sportsmanship and the development of skills to the highest potential.

Our Program

SSC’s soccer program is committed to developing young players and keeping costs reasonable. We work hard to make youth soccer affordable without sacrificing competitiveness. We have teams in many age groups that compete with the best teams in the area. Our program’s growth, philosophy, and success has earned us an official partnership with USSSA in their all new Alliance League. The Alliance league is comprised of the following clubs: Springfield, Council Bluffs, ISW, Evolution, Tri-State, Impact, Hastings Soccer Club, DPA Academy, and Villarreal Soccer Club. 

Experience and Excellence 

SSC offers W.I.N. training sessions for advanced players in the age ranges of U9-U12. W.I.N. which stands for “What’s Important Now” is a training model developed by USSSA to help train those who show promise and could benefit a more advanced level of training. USSA partners with local college coaches to help develop our kids. Our goal is to prepare our players for high school and college teams.

SSC Mission, Vision and Values

SSC provides an opportunity for players to learn and play the game of soccer, at any level of competition, in a safe, fun and value-orientated environment, encouraging sportsmanship and the development of skills to the highest potential. SSC is a volunteer-led, not-for-profit organization that strives to provide the best experience at all levels for the lowest cost around.

SSC Philosophy

Soccer in the area has gotten away from what soccer should be about – having fun, playing with friends, classmates, and neighbors with less emphasis on winning or becoming the next Messi. It’s not like we aren’t competitive or developing good soccer players, because we are, it’s that we have a different priorities.

  • Family-oriented
  • Have fun
  • Lower fees than other clubs around
  • Inclusive
  • Growth and development
  • Playing with friends, school and/or existing team
  • Be able to play multiple sports
  • Non-for-profit volunteer led organization


Family comes first as it should. We are also your extended family with values you want your kids to develop – hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship. We are a club cheering for all players and not screaming (or worse) at the ref.

Our Focus is keeping it Fun

Practices are about trying to improve without the badgering of a coach of how drills exactly needs to be done or long-winded details explaining the style of play. There is less pressure to win and more of a focus on having fun.

It Shouldn’t Cost a lot to Play Soccer

We are a not-for-profit club. While some other clubs in the area also claim not-for-profit status but their fees are higher to support the layers of management and administration. We have countless volunteers supporting the club, so kids can get out and play the game of soccer.


We are a club where we try to find a team for everyone.

Growth and Development

At SSC, we foster the opportunity for growth and development. We want your son or daughter to become the best soccer player they can be while having fun with their friends at the same time.

Play with Friends &/or Existing Team

Kids should be able to play together if that’s what they want. Teams won’t be cherry picked for the best players and left to fend for themselves. If kids do want to pursue a more competitive team that decision is up to them.

Be Able to Play Multiple Sports or Activities

Kids should be able to play multiple sports and it should be encouraged and not frowned upon. Multiple sport athletes are more rounded and avoids burnout, plus there is a lot of crossover in sports.

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